Ccoe Storage Tank
High Pressure Autoclave constructed in S.S. / Nickel (Explosion Bonded) CS plate, Hydrotested at 72 kq/cm2 & Under Lloyds inspection
Workshop Outside
Dist Columns
HO Front View
Man at Work
Reactor with Limpet & Agitators (Trial)
Top Mounted Condenser for Distillation Column(Stainless Steel 316L)
Manufacturing of multiple numbers of Large size Absorber Columns in our Heavy Fabrication Shop (Stainless Steel 3CR12)
TEMA Class - R, Tube Bundle (U tubes)
Heat Exchanger (ASME + TEMA) for 'Lethal' & 'Sour' application with 'Helium Leak Test' & Tube-to-tubesheet Joints radiography
Manufacturing of Pressure Vessels in comply with ASME Section VIII Division 1 (ASME "LP Certification Mark)
Workshop Inside
Distillation Column
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