In early 1980s, companies were searching indigenous options of imports in industrially developing countries...

The Beginning

In mid- 1980s, the surge in engineered system requirements to meet the commercial and non-commercial purposes has performed a vital role in the design of numerous machines, as well as in specialized mechanical, environmental and chemical fields. During this time, the India multinationals & national giants were searching a quality import substitution with economy of imports in capital process equipments in this fields.


Founded Year 1985 - 1986 - a Brainchild of Veterans Engineers

After having very successful carrier in multinational companies as a Mechanical Engineer, founder of this company Mr. K.P.Bhootaka has decided to give a shape to his dream and the company “MECh ENGINEERS” was founded in February 1986 in Valsad, Gujarat and is providing services for more than two decades. MECh ENGINEERS is a family-owned business, specialized mainly in mechanical design and manufacturing of heavy industrial & process plant equipment.

As the title of the company capitalizes letters M, E and Ch of MECh Engineers, it affirms to the services centred on Mechanical, Environmental, Chemical Fields. The company manufactures and designs equipment based on customer’s process requirement rather than allocating any standard equipment.


Year 1986-2000 – The Organic Growth by Entrepreneur to Meet Customized Demand

By delivering custom-made technical equipment for various environmental and chemical process industries, MECh Engineers has evolved as a manufacturer that meets the global engineering quality standards and equipped with an experienced team of engineers having requisite entrepreneurial skills, the company supplies heavy industrial equipment for process industries using corrosion resistant alloys.


Year 2000-2010 – The Manufacturing Excellence

MECh Engineers becomes specialist & experienced in designing & manufacturing of Heavy Industrial & Process Plant Equipment such as industrial autoclaves, chemical reactors, distillation columns, pressure vessels, shell & tube heat exchanger, condensers, reboilers & evaporators, tanks & vessels. The owner-managed company with almost 75+ employees, equipped with advanced machinery and equipment, since 1986, MECh Engineers can now look back on over 25 years of history.

Clear vision, dedicated team and ethical standards lead company to reach a level of perfection and establish a name of quality supplier of process equipment to almost all major process companies.

Based on these acquired skill, knowledge, fame & confidence, we are now at the threshold of quantum jump to enter in to international market.

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